Speaking at two ceremonies in Turkey, President Tayyip Erdogan proclaimed that 2021 would be a “year of democratic and economic reforms” in the country. Addressing the coronavirus pandemic the President said the health crisis has evolved into increasingly deep economic and political shocks. He further added that Turkey has been caught up in this historic transformation during such a time. The Prez also informed that Turkey will receive the first shipment of Sinovac’s Covid-19 vaccine from China before this week.

The country had agreed to purchase 50 million doses of Chinese Sinovac’s CoronaVac. Further Turkish President which is considered a crucial move said that a free trade deal with London would be signed on Tuesday and completed after Britain formally leaves the European Union.  The two nations will sign a deal that replicates the existing trading terms previously worth nearly $25.25 billion.

Recently the Turkish lira has hit a record low of 8.15 against the US dollar. The economic failure in Turkey has been bailed out by Chinese money as per sources. During the pandemic, Turkey was facing an economic collapse and the Turkish GDP is set to contract to 5%. Meanwhile, the inflation in the country had crossed the 11% mark. Now Erdogan’s latest move and reforms are being seen as an attempt to copy China and Chinese ideas of making the country into a police state.

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In drastic suppression of the freedom of speech and expression in the country, the Turkish channel Olay TV blamed the Turkish government  just 26 days after its launch for putting intense pressure and even before darkening its screen during a live broadcast.