As countries rushed to impose sanctions on Russia after it launched a war against Ukraine, India chose to maintain a neutral stand. India abstained on two resolutions at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) related to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and the Russian invasion.

Today, when Japan PM Fumio Kishida was asked about India’s stand on Russia and its impact on the relevance of Quad, he responded that each country has its own historical development and geographical situation in the international situation. Stating that even among like-minded, positions may not agree fully, he emphasised that deepened mutual understanding and cooperation is crucial among Quad members.

He added that the four Quad leaders were able to reaffirm the importance of various principles like rule of law, sovereignty and territorial integrity and unilateral change of status quo or force should not be allowed in any region, as far as the Ukrainian situation is concerned.

Explaining India’s stand on Russia, India’s permanent representative at the United Nations TS Tirumuri had earlier said that India abstained on the resolution since what we require now is to focus on the cessation of hostilities and on urgent humanitarian assistance.

Highlighting that the draft resolution did not fully reflect our expected focus on these challenges, he emphasised the need to respect the UN charter, international law and the sovereignty & territorial integrity of states, calling for an immediate ceasefire.