Facebook is gearing up for a task force that would assist the social networking site in fighting political meddling and interference in the 2020 US presidential campaign and elections. The civil rights task force will bring expertise on board to ensure that no malpractice happens on its platform and there is fairness in the areas of content policy, artificial intelligence, maintaining privacy, and fair conduct during elections.

Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook in a blog post on Sunday said that Facebook will work with voting rights expert to ensure proper training on trends in voter intimidation and suppression so that Facebook can fight back against such content more effectively.

She further informed that the social networking giant will be introducing civil rights training for all senior leaders and key employees on the task force, who work in the early stages of developing policies and products. A new policy will be made for banning any content aimed at misleading users about the upcoming elections.

To curb disinformation on its platform, artificial intelligence will be used prominently by facebook. Facebook will also be checking loopholes currently present in the system, which allow hate speech to exist on the platform if it claims to be humour. Facebook will be building a robust structure to check and penalize the organisations for alleged violations of privacy and competition laws.

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