Thursday, September 29, 2022

Facebook whistleblower concerned over Metaverse: Time for India to prioritise AR?

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Facebook Whistleblower Frances Huagen expressed concerns over Facebook’s plan of redirecting its focus and efforts towards Metaverse due to privacy concerns. Huagen, who worked at Facebook for two years before leaving in May, had earlier claimed that Facebook is very well aware of how the platform spreads hate, violence and misinformation and earns a lot of profit from it.

She also accused facebook of harming children and weakening democracy in her testimony before a Senate subcommittee on Tuesday. This revelation come at a time whether several ex-employees of have come out to accuse Facebook of spreading misinformation and hatred on the platform.

In an interview, Huagen said that Facebook disbanded the team in which she was working. She lost her interest in the company soon after that. She also accused the company for the capital riot of January 6, when the company chose to turn off the safety system that followed the US presidential election.

She filed almost eight complaints with the US’ Securities and Exchange Commission. She alleged that Facebook was not disclosing enough data about its shortcomings from investors and the public. Various internal documents of the company were leaked by her to the news outlets which say that Facebook was aware of the harm and negative effects on children.

Amid the concerns over Facebook and data privacy, it is time that India must lead AR and embrace the change with Indian firms taking a lead. It is time that Indian players step forward, own the platforms and lead a tech revolution and take the control away from companies like Samsung and Apple.

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