A reproduced version of a leaked list containing names of groups and individuals banned by Facebook has been published by The Intercept. The ‘Dangerous Individuals and Organizations List’ contains designated terror organizations and groups identified as dangerous by Facebook policymakers. More than 4,000 organizations and individuals were featured on the list including white supremacists, militant and alleged terror groups. The majority of groups on the list are radical Islamic terror groups from the Middle East and South Asia. 

These organizations aren’t allowed on the Facebook platform and other users posting about the group are scrutinized and censored by Facebook’s algorithm and moderators. An expert cited by The Intercept said, “Facebook puts users in a near-impossible position by telling them they can’t post about dangerous groups and individuals, but then refusing to publicly identify who it considers dangerous.”

The list follows a tier-based system to identify the entities based on their level of threat and past activities. Tier 1 consists of the most radical outfits, predominantly Islamic terror groups. The tier determines the corresponding censorship level that a user posting about a particular banned group will face. 

Brian Fishman, Facebook’s policy director for counterterrorism and dangerous organizations tweeted a thread putting ahead Facebook’s side on the matter. One of the tweets read, “Like other tech comps, we havent shared the list to limit legal risk, limit security risks, & minimize opportunities for groups to circumvent rules.”