4 people were shot dead and at least 7 were injured in a shooting at an entertainment complex in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday. The killer, identified as David Katz, according to reports, shot himself dead at the scene after opening fire indiscriminately at people.

The shooting occurred during a video game tournament being held at Jacksonville Landing, a large shopping, entertainment and dining complex.

The shooter was also in the city for the competition, police have revealed. They said, he killed 2 people and then killed himself, but refused to comment on the motive behind the killings.

After the shooting, police teams made a sweep of the area to rescue people who had hidden in the shops within the mall to escape the gunfire.

Law enforcement also took to the social networks to ask people who were in hiding at the mall to remain undercover and “calm” until officers could find them. At the press conference, Williams also said that the sweep of the mall by law enforcement had concluded and that no further victims or witnesses had been found, adding that within a few hours additional details would be provided to the media on the case.

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