The group of world’s most powerful leaders who had come to Canada to participate in G7 Summit ended the meeting dismally after US President Donald Trump reportedly delivered a rant and recriminations on trade to its allies, leaving the once united leaders deeply divided. Though the issue of trade dominated the 2-day long summit that began on June 8, 2018, the picture of which are making rounds on social media. The countries which participated in the summit were Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Britain and Italy.

Interestingly, the photos of the summit went viral on social media, after officials from variant nations posted the photograph with a different version of their story. Each country’s spokesperson posted a photograph in an attempt to show that its state head is dominating the Summit. For instance, the first picture was posted by White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders in which she showed Donald Trump leaning back confidently in a skeptical mood. Trump was seen siting with his arms crossed while trying to speak to his fellow leaders. As per some of the body language experts, if the arms are crossed and fists are clenched then this indicates an attitude of hostility in addition to defensiveness.

Photographed by German’s Jezco Denzel, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also seen dominating the Summit. In a photograph, she was seen putting both her hands on the table and looming above Trump who can be seen looking up at her and listening without response.

According to a report, Merkel’s photograph was later taken off of social media after it received several memes and funny captions. The posture with showed Merkel full of confidence and vigour was highlighted by tweeple who said that it was reminiscent of a schoolteacher telling off a naughty student (Donald Trump).

The ‘war’ on images at G7 drew the following response from Twitterati: 

Trump and Trudeau

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