Days after the US President Donald Trump assured changes in H-1B via a programme that will bring both simplicity and certainty in the process of providing permanent residency, a US think-tank on Thursday sought better working conditions and greater employment rights for those working under the programme. Demanding a substantial increase in wages, the South Asia Center of the Atlantic Council claimed that those working under the H-1B programme are vulnerable to abuse and are frequently placed in poor working conditions. The US think tank has also introduced reforms like a substantial increase in wages of the H-1B workers.

Authored by Ron Hira from Howard University and head, South Asia Center of the Atlantic Council, Bharat Gopalaswamy, the report has penned down three key reforms that are required to be applied to all the employers and not simply a subset of them. First of the three key reforms suggests that in a bid to invite best and brightest workers to the US, a substantial rise in the wages of H-1B workers is necessary.

The second reform suggests that employers should show that they have actively recruited US workers, and offered position o qualified applicants, before turning to the H-1B programme. The third and last reform calls for an effective and efficient enforcement mechanism.

The report also asserted that the H-1B programme requires the above-mentioned reforms to ensure the programme contributes to the US economy by filling the vacancies in the labour market with the foreign workers. 

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