Over an invitation to an Iftar celebration in Haidgaon Union in Chattogram’s Patia Upazila, Jitendra Kanti Guha, Vice-President of Bangladesh’s Hindu Buddhist Christian Oikya Parishad in Chittagong South, was assaulted and tied to a tree by supporters of a local Union Parishad chairman.

The event happened this afternoon in Brahmanghata, Haidgaon at the Gauchia Community Centre where the Haidgaon Union Awami League conducted an Iftar mahfil and discussion meeting, but Union Parishad (UP) chairman BM Jasim was not invited.

It is being said that Jasim not being invited became the reason for the conflict.

Meanwhile, Shahidul Islam Zulu, the joint convener of the Haidgaon Union Awami League, claimed that BM Jasim was not invited to the Iftar celebration because the current chairman was chosen as the ruling Awami League’s dissident candidate.

As a result, Jasim became upset and arrived at the location with a group of 30-40 people, insulting numerous people, including Mahmudul Haque Hafez, the convener of the Union Awami League.

The violence turned massive as Indeijit Leo, a former member punched Jitendra Guha. Later, Jitendra Guha was dragged out, shackled to a tree, and beaten mercilessly by the rest of the people there at the time.

However, when approached for response, BM Jasim said that Guha defrauded people by promising government apartments, tube wells, and work during his presidency. The men beat him up and demanded the money.