After mistakenly labelled as lamb, a Hindu man consumed beef at the supermarket in New Zealand. The Hindu man demanded supermarket to pay for his flights back to India so he can be cleansed In India. Jaswinder Paul has claimed that he bought the meat from Countdown Blenheim on New Zealand’s South Island which according to him was the meat of the cow. Jaswinder later cooked the meat and after eating it the dish was beef instead of lamb.

As per Jaswinder, Cows are considered sacred In India and killing of cows is not permissible in the country. He also said that he should be purified by cleansing himself in India by priests to perform sacred bath for the next four to six weeks in order to maintain his faith as a devoted Hindu.

As per reports, Jaswinder moved to New Zealand around 20 years ago and started working as a barber there. Jaswinder now owns a brand barber shop in New Zealand.

He blamed that he could not visit India as he would have to sell his business in order to afford tickets to home. He also said that the company who labelled beef as lamb meat should pay for his tickets so that he may take a sacred bath in India.

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