Sandeep Dhaliwal, the first Sikh policeman in Houston’s Sherrif department was shot dead from behind on Friday. He paved way for other Sikhs to join the department in the region.

Harris County Sherrif Ed Gonzalez said he was shot while conducting a traffic stop and added that he was unable to recover from injuries.

Remembering Dhaniwal, Gonsalez asserted that he wore his turban with praise and was looked upon by all. On Friday evening, a man got off his vehicle and shot him when he was heading back to his patrol car during the traffic stop.

The accused has been identified as Robert Solis, 47, who has been arrested on charges of capital murder. Texas police confirmed that a murder weapon was recovered from Solis while the Texas government in an official statement said Dhaliwal’s death was a tragic loss and reminder of risks that the police officers have to undergo every day.

Texas government spokesperson Greg Abbott thanked the officers for audaciously handling difficult situations and assured the people that it was committed to bringing justice to the deceased.

In video footage from Dhaliwal’s dashboard camera, Dhaliwal can be seen speaking with the driver saying no combat, no arguing. During the heated argument, the driver’s door was open and as Dhaliwal was heading back to his patrol car, somebody from the car got off and ran towards Dhaliwal with a gun in hand. The footage shows Dhaliwal getting shot in the back of the head from the man who exited the car.

The shooter then got inside the car and drove away, his image was captured in the dashcam installed in Dhaliwal’s car. The deceased is survived by wife and three children and is known as a trailblazer in the professional circuit. The Harris County Sherrif’s Office in 2015 officially allowed Dhaliwal to wear a beard and turban on duty.

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