After vandalizing the Indian High Commission in London, a group of pro-Khalistan outfits, Pakistani migrants and Kashmir sympathizers are planning to disrupt the ‘Howdy Modi’ event which is scheduled to be held in a week in Houston. Houston has a large population of Pakistanis, Kashmiri separatists, and Khalistanis. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump are scheduled to address the mega event on September 22, 2019, reports said. Reports said as many as 50,000 people have registered to attend the Howdy Modi rally in Houston.

With the active support of Pakistan’s ISI, Army and the ruling Imran Khan government, several mosques in Houston have become places of co-ordination and control and pick-up hubs for those protesting against Modi and Trump. In a tweet, Khalid Mahmood Khalid, who is working for Pakistani newspaper Jang and Geo News, said he is uniting for the first time Sikhs from Punjab and Muslims from Kashmir against Modi and Trump and held a “dress-rehearsal” protest rally against “Howdy Modi” event.

The International Humanitarian Foundation (IHF) is organizing the protest against Modi. On its website, the IHF requested people to join the protest in front of the NRG Stadium at 9 am on Sunday, September 22, 2019, when Prime Minister Modi will conduct a summit with Indian American community members. IHF said buses are available to transport protesters from multiple locations throughout greater Houston. The organization said anybody can reserve a seat for herself/ himself or a group. To provide cover to the protesters, the IHF has advised people to keep their name and contact information private. If anybody has grave concern about security, he or she may use a pseudonym or just first name and an initial for the last name, it said.

On September 14, Kashmir separatists and Sikhs for Justice organized a truck rally in Houston against the siege of Kashmir and on Referendum 2020 at 1400 hrs. As part of the agenda, around 30-40 trucks and vans decorated with anti-Modi posters and slogans took part in a rally in Houston city to attract anti-Indian elements. Reports also said the anti-Indian elements staged a protest at the City Council of Houston against Modi also.

Earlier, Pakistani immigrants and Pakistan supported Khalistani terror sympathisers had staged violent protests and attacked the Indian High Commission in London.

Trump and Modi had first discussed the Houston rally during a telephone conversation on August 19, 2019.

Reports said about 35 lawmakers, Senators and Congressmen have given their consent to attend the event while many more confirmations are expected in the next few days. The mega event will begin with cultural performances and the screening of a film about the experiences of the diaspora around 9 am.

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