After India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Donald Trump addressed more than 50,000 Indian-Americans present at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. In his speech, Donald Trump talked about the strengthening relations between India and the United States under PM Modi and his leadership. He said constitutions of both the countries start with the same 3 words ” We The People”. Trump was actually lauding the Indian Prime Minister and his great policies for 1.25 Billion Indians. He said, under the guidance of PM Modi 300 million people have lifted out of poverty.

“PM Modi’s pro-growth policies have helped, nearly 300 million Indian overcome poverty, and that is an incredible number,” said Donald Trump.

Trump said India and the US ties have been stronger than ever and Narendra Modi is America’s most trusted friend. Both nations have been engaged in several import and export deals, and exchange of energies worth billions of dollars. India has never invested in the US the way they are doing today. Trump added that it’s a reciprocal because the US is also making big investments in India.

Trump further in his speech said, soon Indian will have access to world-class American products as India and the US are going to increase import and export of various things.

He said America’s popular NBA basketball will head to India next week and thousands of basketball fans will be able to watch the first-ever NBA game in Mumbai.

Trump added his speech with reiterating his promise to join hands with India in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism. Trump said through this stage India and the US honour all of the brave military servicemen who have been safeguarding and protecting of the freedom of innocent civilians.

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