Can’t hug friends and family these days? Israel has a solution! Hug a tree.

In spite of being in the family and following a break from each other and suffering without friends, natives of Israel are looking for solace by hugging the trees during this pandemic. As it is important to maintain individual spacing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

To help people overcome the feeling of separation that coronavirus social-distancing norms can bring, Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority is spreading the message on social media to hug the trees during this pandemic. They have suggested a new type of hug remedy that will reduce stress among the population.

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Orit Steinfeld, the authority’s marketing director in Apollonia National Park said that they recommend people all over the world to go out to nature, take a deep breath, hug a tree, express love, and get love in this unpleasant corona period.

The park management has introduced a new practice of building a tree at Apollonia Park, 15 kilometers from the capital Tel Aviv. Tree hugger, Barbara Grant said that forming a connection, touching, hugging is the most basic human need.

You will feel happy and physically healthy if you touch or hug others. Moshe Hazan, who was with his partner in the park said that he wanted to widen his embrace beyond his partner. He also said that hugging a tree is quite a nice thing to do as we are not hugging too many people these days, not our children, not our grandchildren.

It’s mandatory for outdoor visitors to wear a face mask. Direct contact such as touching and hugging is not allowed.

At nursing homes, visits can only be held in the open air. Israeli administration has launched a remarkable awareness campaign to build trees, following the introduction of the Tree Building, which was introduced by the Icelandic Forest Service in April.

The spread of the coronavirus began to increase in March internationally. Israel has experienced an increase in new cases over the past several weeks, after flattening coronavirus infection curve in May.

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