Hurricane Florence: Thunderstorms and heavy rains have already started lashing out regions in the United States southeast coast. Going by local forecast, the hurricane is expected to hit the southern coast of North Carolina on September 14. Hurricane Florence has been labelled as dangerous due to heavy rain, stormy wind with the presence of toxic sludge. Weather forecasters have predicted that after hitting North Carolina region, Hurricane Florence may drift towards inland on September 15 (Saturday).

According to reports, on Thursday, wind touched a speed of 105 miles per hour approximately 165 kmh and along with that, it may pour upto 51-76 cm of rain, as predicted by the National Hurricane Center.

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Forecasters are of the view that heavy downpour would cause flooding which could last for days if the hurricane hits with its full potential. 

As stormy wind and heavy rains have already started hitting several regions along the US east coast, local authorities are making sure that people from risky areas are evacuated. According to reports, orders have already been given to evacuate more than 1 million people residing near Carolina and Virginia region while many have been moved to shelter homes.

Reports also suggest that hurricane Florence will cause power cuts and it may take weeks for authorities to restore everything back to normal. Meanwhile, emergency warnings have been issued in regions including Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

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Concern about the situation which may become worse in the coming days, US President Donald Trump had given a green signal for federal resources for relief funds. President Trump said that they are totally prepared and ready for all the expense.

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