Hurricane Michael, which made landfall in Flordia on Wednesday afternoon, is being projected to be the worst storm of the century to hit United States. Being a category 4 storm, forecasters are of the view that the storm with heavy rainfall, stormy winds will be disastrous for the south region.

Racing ahead with wind speed of 155 miles per hour, the storm has already reached Mexico Beach, Florida. According to National Hurricane Centre, the storm Michael has been rated potentially catastrophic. The storm department said that the administration is prepared for widespread devastation.

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Governor Rick Scott said that it was now time to take refuge as Hurricane Michael, the worst to hit Florida was over them.

According to forecasters, Hurricane Michael is expected to be move towards northeast Georgia, Carolinas on Thursday while local weather department has predicted that it will be above Mid-Atlantic coast on Friday. Meanwhile, the administration is concerned about the storm surge which could rise above 10 feet in several regions.

Talking about the places which have been affected by hurricane Michael, it’s all devastation like hell that is visible for miles and miles. Trees are uprooted, houses have been crushed, as infrastructure has been massively hit by the worst storm of the century in Florida. Photos of some areas only show public and private property in damaged state and locals in a shocked state who witnessed nature at its worst. 

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