Making his stand clear on the issue of independent Kashmir that has embroiled Pakistan and India in a long-standing tug of war, Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that the idea of independent Kashmir is far from reality. Apart from the issue of Kashmir, Khaqan Abbasi spoke on a host of other subjects like Nawaz Sharif, relationship with India, Afghanistan and more in a conference on ‘Future of Pakistan 2017′ held at the London School of Economics’ South Asia Centre on Monday.

According to Geo TV, when asked about Kashmir’s current situation at the conference, Abbasi replied, “The idea is often floated around but has no reality.” In order to support his claim, Pakistan Prime Minister went on to add that there is no support for the demand for independent Kashmir. He also said that the relationship between India and Pakistan cannot reach a state of cordiality until the Kashmir is resolved. He said, “Talks are the only way forward, without talks no quantum change is possible.”

Abbasi then shifted focus to his internal matters and talked about sacked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Abbasi said that there is no accord among the people of Pakistan regarding the dismissal of Sharif by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Further speaking on the credibility of the apex court, which disqualified Sharif for his involvement in Panama Papers scandal, he said “we have left it to history to judge whether history accepts the judgment or not.”

Since Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was addressing a large gathering of business students and staff, he stressed on the economy of Pakistan saying that the country has witnessed remarkable improvements in past 4 years. In addition, while shedding light on US-Pakistan relations, he said that the relationship between the two countries should not be defined by just keeping Afghansitan situation in consideration.