In a strong message to China, Defence minister Rajnath Singh, who is attending the India US 2+2 dialogue, said that if harmed, India will not spare anyone. Lauding the valour of Indian soldiers at the border, he said that he cannot openly say what the Indian soldiers did and what decisions his government took but he can definitely say that a message has gone to China that India will not spare anyone if it is harmed.

Sending out an indirect message to US, Rajnath Singh stressed that New Delhi does not believe in a diplomacy of zero sum game and its relationship with one country cannot be at the expense of the other.

Pointing out that India believes in having a bilateral relationship based on a win-win situation, Singh said that the image of India has changed and its prestige has improved. He highlighted that no power in the world can stop India from becoming the world’s top three economies in the next few years.

He added that if any country in the world wants to develop and prosper, they should think about establishing a vibrant trade with India, adding that globally, people have realised that India is no longer a weak country. “Today India has the potential to lead the world. This potential of India is something that the world has now realised,” he asserted.