India Along With 6 Other Nations Opted Out of The Ukraine's Peace Talk

As it was predicted that not all out of the attendees are going to sign the final document of the Ukraine peace summit held in Switzerland that blamed Russia for war. India along with six nations refused to sign the document.

Dozens of world leaders that commits and believes to the concept of territorial integrity partizipated in Ukraine’s Peace summit in Switzerland.

Though more than 90 countries engaged in the peace talks and to sign the final document that concluded and firmly blamed Russia for widespread war’s suffering.

India along with South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates(UAE) did not sign the draft, while Brazil was kept under the category of ‘observer’.
Pavan Kapoor, secretary (West) of the Ministry of External Affairs led the Indian delegation in the discussion.

Russia was not invited in the summit, and it’s biggest supporter China did not come, that has now led the summit under the cast of ineffectiveness.

Russia labelled the summit as waste of Time. 

What does Ukraine received from this summit?

US Vice President Kamala Harris has decided to give Ukraine more than $ 1.5 billion aid.

In the $ 1.5 billion, $500 million will be for the assistance in Ukraine’s energy sector and $324 for emergency energy infrastructure repair and other needs in Ukraine.

She also announced more than $379 million in humanitarian assitance from the state department and the US Agency for International Development to help refugees and war affected people.

What is the agenda of Ukraine peace summit?

As the AP reported, the summit unfolds into thre agendas –

1. Careful handling of the Nuclear powerplants in war struck zone. Especially at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant which is under Russian control.

2. humanitarian assistance to the war affected people and refugees.

3. Betterment of global food chain that has been heavily affected by the Russia-Ukraine war because the food export from Ukraine has been dwindling ever since.

Last year, when the Swiss hosted the peace summit, Ukraine was in a much better position as it had successfully reclaimed lot of territory occupied by the Russians. But, now a year later Russia has overturned Ukraine’s many quite a few victories.