Sunday, August 14, 2022

India condemns use of chemical weapons at UNSC

On the 25th anniversary of the Chemical Weapons Convention, Pratik Mathur, an Indian diplomat and UN Counsellor, remarked that India is opposed to the use of chemical weapons by anybody, anywhere, at any time, and under any circumstances.

His comments came at a UN Security Council briefing on Syria (Chemical Weapons).

In a statement, he said, “We applaud all parties’ efforts to guarantee that the convention’s credibility and integrity are preserved to the best extent possible. India opposes the use of chemical weapons by anyone, anywhere, at any time, and in any situation “.

He also expressed optimism that the 25th round of meetings between the declaration evaluation team and the Syrian national authority will take place as soon as possible.

The Indian diplomat stated, “India has insisted on the impartiality, credibility, and objectivity of any investigation into the use of chemical weapons. To establish facts and reach an evidence-based conclusion, such an investigation should adhere to the requirements and processes inherent in the convention, as well as the delicate balance of power and duty enshrined in it “

He also mentioned that India has often warned against terrorist groups and people obtaining access to chemical weapons, including in the region.

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