In what could be a landmark deal between the United States and India, the former has offered an armed version of Guardian drones to the Indian government, as per the official sources. If both the parties are able to strike a chord, then this will be the first time ever in history that the United States would have sold armed drones to a country that has no affiliations with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

A Guardian drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle capable of being remotely controlled or autonomous flight operations. It was initially authorised for sale only for unarmed surveillance purposes but India will get them equipped with all the cutting-edge weaponry installed on them. It should be noted that it will be the first unmanned surveillance aircraft laced with weapons on Indian borders where tensions with neighbour Pakistan prevails.

The only hurdle that currently seems to appear between the governments of the United States and India from striking a deal is Donald Trump’s administration requiring the Indian government to sign a deal where they would grant permission to the US to access their communications framework.

There was a meeting scheduled to be held in July between the ministers of the two countries to discuss a potential deal of the drones but it was postponed due to unknown reasons. According to reports, the meeting will now take place in September and supposedly, it is very likely that a deal will be struck.

Earlier in April, the United States President Donald Trump has approved an export policy of the US arms that aimed at supplying weapon sales to its allies. While rolling out the policy, Trump had argued that it would help in empowering the American defence industry and would consequently create more jobs in the United States of America.

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