After keeping mum for a long period of time, Pakistan has finally ended its long term kept silence over the ‘peaceful relations’ with India, claiming that ‘it takes two to tango’. Pakistan’s Army chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that Pakistan had expressed its desires to have peaceful relations with its neighbour, India. Hinting that India is not responding to its peace pleas, Bajwa said that ‘it takes two to tango’.

While addressing a seminar on ‘Interplay of Economy and Security’, in Karachi, Pakistan Military Chief Bajwa said that Pakistan was in a deep need of a comprehensive effort to pursue the National Action Plan and remove vulnerabilities well before they turn into threats for the nation. Speaking at the seminar, Bajwa said, “Our external front which continues to remain in a flux. With a belligerent India on our East and an unstable Afghanistan on our West, the region remains captive due to historical baggage and negative competition.”

Stating that India is lacking in efforts to normalise situations with Pakistan, Bajwa claimed, “On our part, we are making a deliberate and concerted effort to pacify the western border through a multitude of diplomatic, military and economic initiative, not to mention the phenomenal boost to human security that we have provided in FATA and surrounding areas. We have also expressed and demonstrated our genuine desire to have normal and peaceful relations with India; however, it takes two to tango.”

According to PTI, Pakistan Military Chief Bajwa also highlighted the deteriorating condition of Pakistan’s economy saying that he abysmally low tax to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio must change if the country has to ‘break the begging bowl’. As per the recent economic reports released by Pak’s finance ministry, Pakistan has a foreign debt and liabilities around USD 58 billion. Bajwa claimed that the authorities had put peace a top priority in Karachi and want the city to return to its old economic growth.