India Pakistan war news: The escalating tensions between India and Pakistan don’t seem to end anytime soon, at least what the latter seems to suggest every time it comes up with a statement on India. In yet another attempt to water down India’s firm stance on Article 370 abrogation, Pakistan Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has predicted a full-blown war between the two countries underlining that a war is likely to occur in October.

Addressing a rally in Rawalpindi, Rashid said Jinnah had observed the anti-Muslim sentiment in India long back and added that those who saw the possibility of dialogue with India were fools.

He said Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s forthcoming speech at United Nations in September holds immense significance and called the country lucky to have a friend like China. Meanwhile, Pakistan has also issued NOTAM (notice to airmen) and Naval warning in the wake of possible missile test firing from Sonmiani flight test range near Karachi.

The blasphemous statement is not going to go well with India as few days ahead, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan also threatened India of a nuclear war saying no country will win if it happens. In an official address to the nation, Khan said both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons and if war happens the rest of the world will have to bear consequences.

Earlier in the day, another Pakistan minister had slammed Indian opposition parties for not taking a firm stand on the Kashmir issue and showing solidarity with the Indian government. Pakistan Science and Technology minister Fawad Hussain Chaudhary hit back at Rahul Gandhi after he called Jammu and Kashmir an integral part of Indian and asked Pakistan to not intervene in India’s internal matter.

Pakistan has been struggling to internationalise the Kashmir issue and its battle began with a failed attempt at the United Nations Security Council. The country had appealed to the international body to condemn India’s move, however, the body said it was a closed-door meet and hence no official statement could come from its end. Barring China, the other 14 UNSC members asked both India and Pakistan to resolve the mounting tensions amicably.

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