A video which shows an Indian group of tourists stealing accessories and other stuff from a hotel situated in Bali, Indonesia has gone viral and has shocked the whole Indian community and other people of the world too. The video shows a man who appears to be a member of the Bali hotel is seen checking the baggage of an Indian family while they were coming out of the resort. The members of the Indian family are seen arguing with the hotel staff first but the man who was scanning the bags didn’t stop and was continuously taking out the stolen stuff from the suitcase which included decorative pieces, electronics, towels, and other stuff. One of the women from the family was seen apologizing for the thing and she said that she will pay the hotel authorities too, she requested the hotel authorities to leave them for now as they are on a family tour and if they’ll get late then their flight will miss.

Other security officials can be witnessed in the video checking and scanning the baggage. One of the men in the video says to the official authority of the hotel that he will pay for everything but the hotel authority refused to make the payment by saying that they know that he has a lot of money but this is not a respected thing to do.

The video of the family has been shared at Twitter by a user known as Hemanth, who wrote in his caption that such people ar nothing but an embarrassment for India. Each of them carrying an Indian passport should remember that they are representing their country and should behave in a sophisticated way in other countries.

Here is how social media reacted:

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