Amid political impasse faced by the Indian Ocean archipelago, an Indian journalist and a British journalist of the Indian origin have been reportedly arrested in the Maldives. The island nation is facing its worst political crisis after its President Abdullah Yamen declared a 15-day Emergency in last the week. The latest development of the custody of Indian journalists was broke on by ANI’s (Asian News International) official Twitter account, claimed the reporters, who were the employees of Agence France Presse, a top news agency headquartered in Paris, France. The Maldives police confirmed the arrests. 

Meanwhile, Maldives President Abdullah Yamen has sent his sent his envoy to China, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia to brief them the political deadlock in the Indian Ocean. On the other hand, Maldivian opposition leaders, especially former Maldivian President Nasheed urged India to intervene in the crisis. The exiled President Mohamed Nasheed asserted on Twitter said, “Maldivians see India’s role positively: in (19)88 they (Indian forces) came, resolved the crisis, and left. They were not occupiers but liberators”.

The Yameen administration has faced condemnation globally after the arrest of Chief Justice of the Supreme court, the infliction of 15 days Emergency, detention of former President Gayoom and other opposition leaders. The latest showdown between President Abdullah Yameen and Supreme Court came after the Supreme Court ordered the removal of criminal charges against nine opposition leaders, which included former exiled President Nasheed, who was in 2015 sentenced for 13 years of imprisonment on terrorism charges. Opposition protests have gathered pace as the President continues to refuse the court’s order to free the jailed rebel leaders. Due to the current political unrest in the Maldives, innumerable countries have already issued travel ban by giving warning to their citizens, as a fallout the largest tourists place faces slowdown in the tourism sector. 

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