Basmati has been a losing battle for Pakistan. After a shipment of Basmati rice was recently rejected by the EU, Pakistan went ahead to sent the rice via social media as a result of the 5th Gen Warfare talents. According to a study by Disinfolab, Pakistan has been brewing a social media campaign to discredit India by urging people to boycott Indian food products. It went on to say that the ‘boycott business’ had an economic rationale to it.

However, when we take a closer look at this campaign, the Pakistani troll factories stand exposed. In a bid to hammer an anti-India narrative, Pakistan is trying to discover the opportunity to sell rice.

As per reports, these numerous digital Pakistani troll groups have ties to the Pakistani military, the ISI, and the ISPR, among other group. It is still unknown whether the rice brands being pushed are owned by Pak Fauj. Noticeably, all these accounts use the same template in their tweets and tag the same set of troll groups, exposing Pakistan’s anti-India campaign.

Some troll groups, pushing the Pakistan anti-India rice campaign on social media, include @WeareTeamGP, @EmergingTeam, @WeTeamISP_, @WEareISPIANS and @WeAreVOIK.