Just after a few hours, the Mount Agung volcano gushed a 2500 metre column of ash and smoke, the Indonesian tourist island of Bali closed its international airport. According to a report, the Disaster Mitigation Agency stated that the airport closure will begin from June 29, 2018, until the situation gets normal. Following the alarm, the Airport Authority in the region cancelled more than 450 flights. The report suggests that around 75000 people have been affected by the sudden cancellation. Talking more about the Volcano eruption, the regional volcanic ash advisory centre in Australia’s Darwin said that in the coming days winds could carry the ash southwest toward Java which is popularly known for Indonesia’s most densely island.

According to a report, the smoke began gushing out of the Mount Agung volcano on June 28, 2018. An officer having the knowledge of the matter said that the alert levels have not been raised and an exclusion zone around the crater remains 4 kilometres.

 The report further suggests that the sudden increase in the lava eruption has forced millions of people to evacuate the nearby regions of the volcanoes.  The authorities have also reduced its alert status from higher to lower level in the month of February 2018.

If one looks closely, this is not the first time that Mount Agung in Northeastern Bal has erupted. Even in December 2017, the authorities closed the airport and evacuated closer to the volcano. The report suggests that authorities were monitoring conditions.

 The major reason for cancelling the flights during a volcanic eruption is that it can damage engines, clog fuel and can even hamper visibility.


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