The US imposed heavy sanctions on Iran after pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal last year. In the light of these sanctions, India stopped Iranian oil purchases after the US on May 2 ended a six-month waiver that had earlier allowed countries including India, to continue purchasing oil from Iran.

Now, the Iranian Ambassador Ali Chegeni while talking to reporters has said that he is hopeful that the Indian government will resume Iranian oil imports that have been hit by the US sanctions. He said that Iran realizes that India will act according to its national interests. He said that he knows that India is under pressure to cut oil supplies from Iran as a friend Iran expects India to place orders for oil in the future.

Speaking at the opening of an Iranian arts exhibition, Chegeni referred to External affairs minister S. Jaishankar’s recent remarks about India’s need for stable, affordable and predictable energy supplies, claiming that Iran can fulfill all these conditions. He further added that he is hopeful that the warm relationship between the two countries will continue as he didn’t get any negative signal from the Indian side till now, that they won’t buy any oil in future from Tehran.

Calling India a friend forever, the ambassador said that Tehran is ready to be a protector of India’s energy security needs. The Iranian Ambassador also highlighted Chahabhar port which India is developing in Iran to access Afghanistan saying that it is indirectly being affected due to sanctions. He emphasized that nobody can ignore the importance of Chahbahar as it is key to India for its trade and engagement with Central Asian countries.

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