Iran shot down a US military drone after it entered its territory on Thursday June 20. Reports said the move heightens the chances of the stalemate between the US and Iran breaking out into an all-out war. Revolutionary Guard Corps chief Major General Hussein Salami warned that Iran doesn’t want war with any country but is completely ready and prepared for war.
The US military drone is said to have been shot down by Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard. CNN reported that a US official said the drone wasn’t shot down over Iranian territory but over the Strait of Hormuz. The 2 countries have been countering each other’s statements after 2 oil tankers were set on fire, which the US alleges was by Iranian operatives.
CNN quoting the US Central Command said the aircraft shot down was a RQ-4A Global Hawk unmanned aircraft system. In a statement to the Iranian agency Tasnim, Salami said the shooting down of the drone was in the interests of the Iranian nation and is meant to teach unnamed enemies to respect Tehran’s sovereignty and national security.
The Revolutionary Guard statement said the UAV drone was launched shortly after midnight from a US base in the Gulf and was flying towards the Chabahar port and was gathering information. It was shot down around 4 am Iran time by medium range air defence missile Khordad 3.

Syed Abbas Mousavi, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, said Tehran condemned the provocative action and warned against any violation of Iran’s airspace by foreign aircraft. Mosuavi said such violators will be responsible for Iran’s reaction to it.

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