Irish woman, who spat, hurled racist taunts at Air India crew, found dead in England: Irish international human rights lawyer Simone Burns, who spat and hurled abuses at Air India flight attendant last year, was found dead at her home in East Sussex in England on June 1, less than two weeks after serving 6 months jail sentence in the UK for the same incident. The human rights lawyer was jailed for launching racist taunts and spitting at Indian cabin crew who refused to serve her a fourth bottle of wine in business class during a flight from Mumbai last year. Reports said that the 50-year-old woman has committed suicide, however, the reason behind the death is yet to be ascertained. A Sussex Police spokesman has also confirmed the death.

A video of the entire incident, shot by a fellow passenger, soon went viral on different social media platforms. In the video, Burns was seen throwing racists rants and spitting at the flight attendees. She was incessantly boasting that she was an international lawyer while launching explentive0-ridden rant at the Air India staff.

One of Burns’ friend has revealed that she was not doing well after her conviction and time behind bars. She added that Burn’s life was fell apart after the incident and trolls used to remind her of the air rage assault every now and then. Burns was also diagnosed with skin cancer 18 years ago and had undergone several surgeries. Earlier during his trial, she appeared with plaster over her nose as she was waiting to get a prosthetic one.

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