On a daily basis, there are several findings that get reported from across the world. Recently, a Moroccan newspaper published a finding claiming that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is Prophet Muhammad’s descendant. The findings in the case were first published in 1986 by a British genealogical publisher, Burke’s Peerage founded in 1826 which is a British authority on royal pedigrees. As per reports, the study published in the Moroccan newspaper has claimed that at least 43 generations of Queen Elizabeth’s family have been traced to produce the research finding. The findings have revealed that British Queen Elizabeth is a direct relative of Prophet Muhammad.

As per a report by Daily Mail, the study claims that the bloodline of Queen Elizabeth II runs through the Earl of Cambridge in the 14th century. The study claimed that the bloodline ran across medieval Muslim Spain, to Fatima, who is known to be Prophet Muhammad’s daughter. Even though the claim is being refuted and criticised by several historians, the genealogical records support the finding. The study was also endorsed by the former grand mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomaa.

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Reports suggest that in a letter to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1986 the Burke’s publishing director said that the British people were little aware of Muhammad’s blood that flows in the veins of their queen. Meanwhile, he also added that all the Muslim leaders were very proud of this fact. As per the study, Queen Elizabeth descended from Zaida, a Muslim princess. It was found that Zaida had fled her hometown at Seville before she had adopted Christianity. Zaida was the fourth wife of Al-Mu’tamid ibn Abbad who was the third and last ruler of the taifa of Seville in Al-Andalus. He was also a member of the Abbadid dynasty. Zaida had given birth to a son who later went to marry the Earl of Cambridge in 11th Century. Currently, the historians are reportedly arguing over the origin of Zaida.

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