On May 12, the decades-old Israel-Palestine crisis erupted once more, with missiles fired from both sides. According to the most recent official reports, airstrikes have killed more than tens of Palestinians, including children and a woman, while five Israelis have died.

Hamas fired a new volley of deadly rockets at Israel on Wednesday in revenge for Israel’s destruction of a 14-story building in Gaza, ruling out an immediate truce. The 130 rockets fired by Hamas, which killed a six-year-old boy in southern Israel and triggered air raid warnings up to Tel Aviv, were said to be a response to the destruction of Gaza City’s Al-Farouk tower. In only three days, militants have launched over 1,000 missiles, according to the Israeli military. That’s almost a quarter of the total amount of rounds shot in the entire 2014 conflict.

Israel intensified its military offensive in Gaza on Wednesday, killing up to ten senior Hamas military leaders and toppling two high-rise buildings containing Hamas facilities in airstrikes. Hundreds of missiles were launched at Israeli cities by Palestine, which shows no signs of backing down.

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Meanwhile, world leaders have urged restraint and dialogue on the issue. On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden talked with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the conflict, saying he hoped the fighting would end soon. On May 12, Russian President Vladimir Putin urged Israel and the Palestinians to take measures to de-escalate the conflict.

Boris Johnson said, “The UK is highly worried about the growing conflict and civilian deaths, and we want to see an immediate de-escalation of tensions.” India is deeply concerned about the clashes and has urged both sides to maintain the status quo on the ground.

Whereas, Turkey’s President, Recep Erdogan, has said that the world must teach Israel a “strong” lesson. Erdogan proposed that countries explore the “idea of deploying a multinational police force to the area to defend Palestinian civilians.” Erdogan has long been a supporter of Palestinian rights. On Wednesday, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan voiced solidarity with Palestine as tensions between Israeli forces and Hamas militants intensified, resulting in the deaths of dozens of people.

After a day of turbulent chaos, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned the “anarchy” of Jewish-Arab conflict in cities around the world. Netanyahu said on Wednesday that “nothing justifies” Jews or Arabs fighting each other. After two days of unchecked abuse, he promises to restore justice.

The “conflict” started on Friday in Jerusalem, where over 200 Palestinians and 17 Israeli policemen were injured. The fighting erupted after thousands of worshippers assembled at the A

l-Aqsa mosque for their weekly Friday prayers and were confronted by a strong police presence.

The display of force came in response to nightly protests at the start of Ramadan over police restrictions at a popular gathering spot, the ancient Damascus Gate to the Old City, and the possibility of forcible expulsion of thousands of Palestinians from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in East Jerusalem, which is claimed by both sides in the decades-long conflict.