Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is apparently finding it hard to wade through the troubled waters as the tumultuous tides against him just don’t appear to abate any time soon. An audio recording has surfaced now where his 26-year-old son Yair Netanyahu can be heard talking about a $20 billion dollar favour, strippers and prostitutes. The disparaging comments from the younger Netanyahu have thrown his family’s image, which is already under fire, in darker lights.

Channel 2, one of the biggest news channels in Israel, on Tuesday aired the three years old audio recording which revealed some startling details. The son of the Israeli PM could be heard talking in an abusive language to his friend under the influence of alcohol. An aggravated Yair rants at his friend about some money he borrowed from him in a strip club and talks about a multi-billion deal senior Netanyahu arranged for his friend’s father.

In the recording, the 26-year-old could be heard asking “Speaking of prostitutes, what’s open at this hour?” and later he suggests to his friend that “It’s possible the waitresses there go with the flow.” After some time, angered at his friend’s reluctance to shell out some money, Yair says, “My dad arranged $20 billion for your dad, and you’re whining with me about 400 shekels.”

Benjamin Netanyahu has slammed the media of Israel for a campaign against him. He has called the audio recording a creation of media to oust him from power and further said that the press has gone down to an unprecedented level of “persecution, bloodletting and shaming.” Currently, the Israel Prime Minister is subject to two criminal allegations involving the breach of trust, bribery and fraud.

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