The Australian space agency and Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) collaborates on the subject of space underpinned by an MoU to further strengthen the partnership between the two countries. On Wednesday, Australian Space Agency and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) inked an agreement to MoU that will augment the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between the two countries as pronounced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Scot Morrison last year.

The Australian consulate office underlined that the MoU which was signed on Wednesday also includes an amendment to CSC-Civil Space Cooperation that will further be a build up on the comprehensive strategic partnership of the two countries. “Space is an exciting frontier and we can achieve great things by working together, including enhancing space science, technology, and research collaboration — all while boosting our economies and creating jobs,” said Karen Andrews, Australian minister for industry, science, and technology. 

The agreement will boost collaboration between the two countries in the areas of space technology, research, capability development, and educational activities. it will also encourage the use of outer space for peaceful resolutions.

In 2012, India and Australia had signed an MoU on Civil Space Cooperation (CSC) and was given a formal structure for implementation.  Enrico Palmo, head of the Australian Space agency stated that the agreement symbolizes the significance of the strong collaborative partnership between the Australian space agency and ISRO, which will further identify the areas of cooperation in outreach, space technology, and research.

The space agency of Australia and ISRO have been working together to place temporarily Indian tracking facilities in Australia as it’s meant to be a part of the strategic plan, to strengthen the cooperation in civil space activities.”Discussions are already underway for Australia to host vital tracking infrastructure as part of India’s Gaganyaan missions, which will place India as the fourth country to put humans in space” added Mr. Karen Andrews, Australia’s minister for space, industry, and Technology.