In what could be perceived as one of the biggest achievement in terms of gender equality, Japan has recently appointed a 26-year-old 1st Lt. Misa Matsushima as her first women fighter pilot. After graduating from National Defense Academy in 2014, Matsushima joined Japan Air Self Defence Force (JASDF). After finishing her training last week, Misa Matsushima was named as one of the 13,707 servicewomen of all troops in Japan. On Friday, Misa was officially named as a fighter pilot in Japan Air Self Defense Force.

Talking to reporters after being named as one of the fighter pilots of Japan’s Air Force, Misa Matsushima said that it was Tom Cruise’s Top Gun that had inspired her to become a fighter pilot. Stating that her dream was inspired by a Hollywood movie, she said that she had admired fighter jets since she was a kid.

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Sharing her joy of becoming the first woman fighter jet pilot in Japan, Misa said that she leaves no stone unturned in making sure she fulfils all the expectations which people have of her. She added that she wants to be a full-fledged pilot just like men fighter jets.

Misa who belongs from Yokohama had received her pilot license in 2015, it was before she was being trained to fly fighter jets. Misa will be flying F-15J is a designed twin-engine fighter designed for air-to-air combat with other jets.

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The following jet is also capable of flying with at least 7-8 radar plus infrared missiles.  The fighter jet is also capable of reaching the speed of 1,918 mph.

The JASDF never accepted women as pilots until 1993. However, reports suggest that women were still not allowed to fly the fighter jets until the ban was lifted in 2015.

The report of Misa Matsushima joining the Japan Air Self Defense Force was shared by the official twitter handle of JASDF on Thursday.

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