Perturbed by the violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, and US President Donald Trump’s late response on the mishap, Comedy Central’s star Jimmy Fallon took a serious stance on his show–The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Deflecting from his funny and comic self, a visibly emotionally distraught Fallon made serious statements about the Charlottesville tragedy.

His statements came in the wake of the violent clashes between the white nationalists and protestors.

Fallon has been quoted as saying that he watched the news like everyone else while the violence broke out and it was “disgusting” to see the Nazi flags and supremacist protesters.

In his emotional message, he called on Trump for his late response on the incident and said that it is “shameful” that it took him two days to come out and speak on the situation.
He also said that it is important for everyone “especially white people in this country” to come out and voice their concerns on the matter.

Fallon also gave a tribute to Heather Hayer, a victim of the Charlottesville violence, who died when a car rammed into her at the rally.

It is notable that the situation in Virginia has been tense over the past weekend due to intense clashes between the white nationalists, Neo-Nazi groups and protesters in Charlottesville area.
Reacting to the situation and terming it “horrible”, Donald Trump has blamed the Neo-Nazi group, white supremacists, and pro-left protesters for the clashes.

While, earlier on Saturday in his statement to the media he didn’t clearly put a direct blame on the white supremacists. He clarified his stand and said that “unlike” the media before he makes a statement he likes to know the facts first.

Taking note of the situation United Nations has issued a statement condemning the violence. The statement of the UN deputy Spokesman Farhan Haq reads, “We believe that there must be no place in our societies for the violent racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and discrimination that we’ve seen in Charlottesville, Virginia in recent days.”