PM Modi-Xi Summit: Amidst the high tensions between India and Pakistan regarding Kashmir issue, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying on Tuesday, September 18, said the Kashmir issue is not the major topic of discussion during the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping, 2nd informal summit. However, he specifically mentioned that the leaders have been provided with the freedom to talk on any issue.

Reacting to India’s decision of abrogating the article 375 from Kashmir, Pakistan downgraded diplomatic ties with New Delhi and expelled the Indian High Commissioner, a senior Chinese official further adds that it should be left to Modi and Xi t decide on the issue they would like to discuss.

On being asked about China’s stand on the resolution of the Kashmir issue, Hua further reiterated that China hope Kashmir should be resolved between India and Pakistan through friendly and peaceful negotiations between India and Pakistan as per relevant UN Charter and UN resolutions.

Hua also discussed President Xi’s visit to India next month, however, refrained her to give any details regarding time and venue. She said, both sides are keeping very close contact with each other she can’t reveal the details yet. Also, they are looking forward to the visit.

India-China border topis had been serval times discussed. On the same topic, Hua said both sides at all levels had been fruitful, and smooth channels for communications. And they would never intend anything that could harm the mutual trust between China and India. Also expected the same good willingness from the Indian side.

Also, India can work together to safeguard, to maintain, peace and stability, on the border. This, in turn, will enhance mutual trust and focus on certain things that can broaden their cooperation.

On China’s One Belt and One Road (OBOR), Hua said it is a sense of reluctance on India’s part. India had protested to China over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) since it is being laid through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, (POK). CPEC is the flagship project of the OBOR.

Leaving it to India’s decision of joining one belt one road. One belt one road had been enjoying by more and more support understanding from all of the countries around the world, Hua further adds.

2nd informal summit between Modi and Xi has a lot of significance which is expected to take place next month on similar lines. These talks happened in the first meeting at Wuhan previous year. This normalized the relations between the two countries after the 73-day standoff at Doklam.

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