Look! What this Spaniard did to get famous

In a shocking incident, a Spanish man cut off his penis on camera after his flatmate, a Briton, promised him to pay 170 pounds for the stunt. The ghastly act had taken place in the northern Spanish city of Zaragoza last month. The video of the amputation has since gone viral on the internet. According to the Spanish Police probing the case, the 33-year-old English teacher was found bleeding profusely in the flat after the emergency medical services had rushed to the apartment for help.

The mutilated penis was found in a bag at his home, the metro.co.uk quoted the police as saying. The local media reports said that surgery to reattach the man’s penis was successful but he didn’t press charges against the Briton.

Police had briefly detained the flatmate for questioning but he was later allowed to fly back to Britain. The victim had also reportedly waived off his right to compensation. It has emerged this week that the unnamed Briton had planned to film the act and upload it on social media to make it an online sensation.

The accused had also promised to pay the Spaniard from profits he would earn from the online video. According to police, he had promised to pay the victim between £2,165 and £4,325 depending on the number of hits. Police said that the video has been taken down from the social sites since; however, they’re investigating if he had made a similar video before.

The investigators said that the duo reportedly drank at least four bottles of wine and took a valium, a tranquillizing muscle-relaxant drug used chiefly to relieve anxiety, to muster up the courage before going through with the amputation. Police had initially said the Spaniard had harmed himself and weren’t looking for anyone else in connection with the case.

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