The International Organization for Migration (IOM) updated on the numbers of migrants reaching Spain through the Mediterranean, saying that the arrivals to Spain had reached 9,000 by the first week of August, the highest in history.

Spokesperson of IOM Joel Millman told a press briefing on Friday that the number of fatalities so far through the sea route to Spain is very close to that of the previous year’s total, or 121 people, Xinhua news agency reported.

In 2016, the spokesperson said in 2016, a total of 128 people lost lives during their journey to Spain, adding that Spain is now in the situation of Greece in 2015, with consistent daily arrivals.

According to him, on August 17 a one-year old Cameroonian child was rescued with her mother, meaning that there are children and family groups among those trying to reach Spain.

“People are arriving to Spain in smaller vessels, in rubber dinghies which were really hard to spot on water,” he said, adding that one such dinghy, designed for four people, usually carry 11 people who paid 20 euros ($23.5) for the journey.

“If the number of arrivals continues to increase, Spain would need additional support,” he said.