Just a day after the United States decided to scrap the “$300 million military aid to Pakistan“, the country’s new Foreign Minister Mehmood Qureshi retorted by claiming that the amount is not a military aid but what it owns to Islamabad for its support to curb terror, he further added that Trump administration should reimburse the amount. The statement comes after the US military cancelled to provide military aid to Pakistan citing Islamabad’s failure to take a firm action against terror outfits in the country.

A report according to www.aljazeera.com said that the Trump administration claimed that Islamabad is providing safe heavens to fighters who are indulged in a 17-year-old war in neighbouring Afghanistan. However, Pakistan has denied such allegations. Pentagon spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Kone Faulkner said on Saturday that due to Pakistani’s lack in making firm decisions in support of the South Asia Strategy, the remaining $300m was reprogrammed.

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Responding to the allegation, Qureshi in a press conference on Sunday said that, “The USD 300 million is neither aid nor assistance – it is the money Pakistan spent from its resources against militants and in the war against terrorism.”

The decision by the US comes just days before Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Pakistan, which is scheduled for September 5.

To this Qureshi said, “We will sit and discuss this with him (Pompeo). We will try to improve bilateral ties between the two countries.”

Meanwhile, the UN Palestinian refugee agency named United Nations Relief Works and Agency (UNRWA) has slammed the Trump administration after the latter announced that the US will no longer commit funding to the agency.

UNRWA was established in 1948, which provides basic aid to Palestinian refugees across the Middle East. So far, many Gulf states, Norway, Turkey and Canada have said that they will donate $238m to help meet the budget deficit.

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