An explosion took place near a camp office of the Indian Embassy at Biratnagar in Kathmandu on Monday, April 16. Reports say that the blast was a minor one and nobody got injured in the incident late night. Localites informed that the intensity of the blast was low and the incident happened near the temporary office of the embassy which was set up during the floods in Nepal and North Bihar. Moreover, as per reports in a leading daily of Kathmandu, the Morang SP Arun Kumar BC said that the explosion took place on April 16 during the night in an open space behind the embassy building due to which only a minor damage to the wall was caused.

However, it has been reported that two men on a motorcycle have been suspected of planting the bomb where the incident happened. According to reports, the officers investigating the case have suspected some members of a local political group are behind the cause of the explosion. Moreover, the party had called a general strike on Monday at Biratnagar, which is the industrial capital of the country and is situated 6 km away from the north of the border of  Bihar.  

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Meanwhile, necessary steps have been taken to make the place more secured after the incident took place. Also, the temporary office of the Indian embassy was set up during the floods and is still functioning. Reports reveal that the incident happened at around 8:20 pm and the blast had caused a hole in the wall of the compound. No injuries have been reported as nobody was present in the office at the time of the incident.

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