Amnesty International on Monday, November 13, has withdrawn the human rights top award from de factor Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi over her incompetence to the atrocities committed by the military against Muslim minority group, Rohingyas and her growing intolerance on freedom of speech. In August 2017, over 700,00 Rohingyas fled across Myanmar’s western border into Bangladesh after the military a massive clampdown following Rohingya insurgent attacks on the army.

The exodus was termed as “ethnic cleansing” by the UN and has accused the military of unleashing a series of killings, rape, torture and arson with “genocidal intent.”Meanwhile, Su Kyi’s team has rejected the allegation by claiming that they one-sided and the military action was launched in order to eradicate insurgency in the Buddhist-majority country. The leader also faced international condemnation for curbing free freedom after Myanmar police arrested 3 journalists for criticising Su Kyi’s financial management.

It was in 2009, the international human rights group named Suu Kyi as the Ambassador of Conscience Award recipient while she was under house arrest for showing resistance against the military junta.

Following her release and electoral victory in 2015. she did share power with generals but had no oversight on the security forces.

Amnesty International cited reasons behind the withdrawal of the award, in a statement on Tuesday. it said that she had failed to speak out and had safeguarded the security forces from “unaccountability” for the rampant violence against Rohingyas.

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