Monday, August 8, 2022

NATO moves to call out China a challenge for global security

NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation also called North Atlantic Alliance, would soon call out China’s behaviour a “systematic challenge” in its final summit statement. As per a report the leaders of western military organisations meeting held in Brussel on Monday, including US President Biden, will blame China for its various unexpected and inhuman activities. They seemed to criticize China’s military cooperation with Russia.

“China’s stated ambitions and assertive behaviour present systemic challenges to the rules-based international order and to areas relevant to alliance security.”, NATO leaders expected to address in their communique to be published after the summit, Reuters informed.

The leaders are seen unhappy with China for rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal, its opaqueness in modernising its forces. They are expected to tag China as a security risk at the critical summit. The expected move comes after G7 nations admonished Beijing for its alleged human rights abuses against the minority Uighur population in the Xinjiang region.

As a reaction to all these, Beijing on Tuesday has become critical of NATO. It accused NATO of overstating the threat from China and creating Confrontation.

“View China’s development rationally, stop exaggerating various forms of ‘China threat theory’ and not to use China’s legitimate interests and legal rights as excuses for manipulating group politics (while) artificially creating confrontations.”, responded a statement from the Chinese Mission to European Union.

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