NATO is currently conducting a comprehensive investigation into the causes behind the tragic developments in Afghanistan that fell under the control of the Taliban (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), the alliance’s secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg, said in an article for Germany’s Die Welt newspaper published Saturday.

The recent developments in the Central Asian nation were tragic and shocking to both Afghans and the rest of the world, the NATO head said, noting that the alliance should draw lessons from them. NATO has launched a comprehensive probe to find answers to numerous outstanding questions regarding its engagement in Afghanistan. Though it is premature to assess the investigation’s results yet, some findings stand out, Stoltenberg said.

The secretary-general believes that the Afghan crisis will not be the last to prompt the US and Europe to cooperate through NATO, as there will always be someone willing to hurt them.

The Taliban seized power in Kabul in mid-August, wreaking havoc in Afghanistan and prompting the international community to launch operations to evacuate their citizens and Afghan collaborators. The situation in Afghanistan has since been dominating the international agenda, with key global and regional powers trying to find ways to ensure stability and security in Central Asia.