New Russian nuclear submarine Belgorod can trigger giant tsunami that can wipe out a city

Russia scientists are building a new submarine named Belgorod that can trigger giant tsunamis against enemy nations. Besides carrying nuclear weapons, Belgorod new feature gives an additional boost to its fighting prowess. Belgorod’s nuclear-armed Poseidon drones are capable of triggering giant tsunamis that can wipe out an entire city in a matter of minutes. The new submarine, which is also reportedly the world’s longest, was launched on Tuesday at the state-run Sevmash plant in northwestern Russia.

Citing shipyard director Mikhail Budnichenko, Daily Mail said that all ships of the new series will be completed within a stipulated timeframe and with high quality. It further reported that the nuclear reactor of Belgorod will be tested later this year, while the sea trials will begin in 2020 and deployment by the end of that year. Russian President Vladimir Putin had first revealed about the development of the nuclear-armed drones among a host of other new weapons in an address to the nation last year.

The Poseidon drones look like torpedoes but are much larger than a conventional weapon – measuring up to 79 feet long – which is why they need a larger specially designed submarine. Once launched, Poseidon drones can be controlled remotely, while its speed can range from 70-124 mph, making it unstoppable. The weapons also double up as unmanned underwater vehicles, capable of operating miles below the surface and can scan the ocean floor using a sonar imaging system. These vehicles could also be deployed to sabotage undersea power and internet cables during conflicts.

Underneath the Belgorod, there’s also a 180 feet mini-submarine that can carry up to 25 personnel which can be deployed for research, rescue and special military operations. According to the report, Belgorod’s commanders will directly report to the president instead of the country’s naval top brass, making it more like a deep-sea intelligence agency rather than a conventional submarine. Belgorod is expected to operate in the Arctic and the North Atlantic regions.

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