Several people were killed in New Zealand’s Christchurch on Friday after at least one gunman opened fire at worshippers gathered inside Al Noor Mosque to offer Nawaz. Those who narrowly escaped the incident have been sharing the details regarding the gunman, who was reportedly tracked down by the city police. Some of the terrified mosque-goers revealed that they saw a uniform-clad gunman with a lot of magazines strapped to his leg, reported the New Zealand Herald.

A resident was quoted by the daily saying he got to know about the shooting from the people who had escaped the mosque and took at his home. Robert Weatherhead had taken in about 13 men and a boy aged about 13. He also helped people who had been shot at the mosque.

He revealed that the shooter was in his 30s and 40s and had a lot of magazines strapped to his legs. He was also donning a uniform and had a vest on as well.

Meanwhile, One gunman believed to be Australian, filmed the entire incident as he shot victims in Al Noor mosque and wrote a manifesto declaring his intentions.

A crisis meeting of national security agencies is ongoing at Police National Headquarters in Wellington after the Christchurch mosque shooting, reported. Police suspect other gunmen may be active after the mass shooting. A high alert has been sounded after Christchurch mass shooting.

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