North Carolina shooting: A person opened fire on Tuesday at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and killed 2 people, wounded several. According to the reports, the suspect was a student of the Charlotte university who was taken into custody after the saddening and shocking incident. Police said one suspect was taken into custody following the rampage on the last day of classes for the academic year. An officer of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department said that the individual was believed to attacked other students and acted violently alone.

The reports say that the incident occurred at around 5.45 pm on Tuesday near the university’s Kennedy Hall administrative building. 3 people who got wounded in the incident were immediately taken to the hospital for the treatment. Police said no other shooters were involved in the incident.

Soon after the incident, the University issued a warning on its website, telling students to hide at some safe place. Run, Hide, Fight. Secure yourself immediately, the post said. University added the campus was on lockdown and that students and staff should remain in a safe location.

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles, in a Tweet, said that everyone is in shock to learn of an active shooter situation on the campus of UNC Charlotte. She extended her condolences to the deceased families and injured.

The videos which are doing round the internet showed students evacuating campus buildings with their hands up as police officers ran past them toward the scene of the shooting. In this bizzare incident, 2 people lost their lives and many got injured, said reports.

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