North Korean leader Kim Jong-un enjoys absolute authority over the Asian country and in another display of unrivalled power, on Sunday he promoted his sister to a senior post in his party. Also, continuing his war of words with United States President Donald Trump, he issued threats to America while lauding his nuclear programmes. With the look of the ongoing tensions between the two countries and the intentions of two leaders, a war is looming and it’s just a matter of when.

Kim Jong-un got the control over North Korea in inheritance from his father and previous leader of the country, Kim Jong-il. The country is a dictatorship and a dictatorship like no other in the world. North Korean citizens live under some of the most unreal rules and impositions.

Here are 10 interesting facts from the land of North Korea:


  • The first leader of North Korean establishment, Kim Il-sung, was born on April 15, 1912 and interestingly, the country’s calendar starts from his birth date. So, rather than living in 2017, North Korea is in year 105.


  • Even though Kim Jong-un rules the country and Kim Jong-il ruled before him but North Korea will always be considered under the eternal rule of its first leader Kim Il-sung.


  • The most popular attraction in the country is Kim Il-sung’s tomb. The body of North Korea’s founder is preserved in a glass chamber and the tomb sees a massive tourist turnout every day.


  • According to reports, almost half of the country lives in severe poverty. The total population of North Korea is estimated to be at 30 million.


  • Irrespective of the rampant poverty, North Korea claims to have an extremely high rate of literacy within the country. As per the claims, the country has a literacy rate of 99%.


  • Radio and televisions are provided with only North Korean channels and before they can be bought, the equipment undergoes thorough check-up from police.


  • There are primarily five TV channels which are strictly governed by the state authorities. Tuning into foreign broadcasts leads to severe punishment.


  • If found guilty of committing any crime in North Korea there’s a rule of three generations punishment that one has to accept. Not just the offender but his/her grandparents, parents and children also get sentenced to prison.


  • The unhappy citizens are granted liberty to leave the country but at a cost of $8,000. It should be noted that the annual per capita income of North Korea is estimated at $1,800.


  • Elections are held in North Korea every five years and there’s nearly cent percent voter turnout every time. The ruling Workers’ Party of Korea has never been voted out of power since 1949.