Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg on Monday arrived in India for a 3-day-visit. According to the reports, Erna Solberg said that Norway can mediate on the Kashmir conflict only if India and Pakistan desire. In an interview, she said that the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan could not be solved only from a military standpoint. Talking about peace and development, Erna Solberg said that tension both the South Asian countries may lead to lower investments in key sectors like health and education. In the past, Norway has been helping the nations to settle big issues. 

The speculations that Norway may mediate between India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue were triggered after former Norway PM Kjell Magne Bondevik’s visit to Srinagar a few months ago. Responding to a question, Norwegian PM said that nobody from the outside can make peace or make changes. So, if both the countries, India and Pakistan, desire to have talks, of course, Norway and other countries would help.

“Our government policy is very clear if we are going to help somewhere, they have to ask for it, it’s not an initiative that comes from the outside,” said Norway PM Erna Solberg.

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