A day after Chinese Parliament abolishes Presidential term limit, posters against President Xi Jinping have appeared in several Western universities. The posters are written in Chinese and English and says phrases like ‘not my president’ and ‘I disagree’. Yesterday, Chinese Parliament amend the constitution, out of total 2,963 lawmakers, 3 were not present during voting and only 2 voted against the constitution change proposal. The posters against President of the most populous country started appearing last week in some United States universities and educational institutions and were later emerged from countries like the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia and Canada.

An account on the micro-blogging website, Twitter called @StopXiJinping has been continuously encouraging others to join the campaign against Chinese President Xi Jinping. Some reports from these universities say that the campaign is being run by Chinese university students and graduates living overseas. One of the tweets from account says, “We spoke up as we genuinely believe that Chinese citizens, overseas or at home have right to express opinions free from fear.” Talking about the development, Chinese native and a student of Australian National University has said that he had pasted posters to raise awareness among peers.

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Criticising the President, the student said Xi has acted as a dictator rather than serving country, the latest move will give him absolute power. When asked about the matter by the BBC, students said that they are not unaware of the posters appeared. China has come down heavy on dissenters and people who have criticised Xi Jinping as President.

Oppositions in China are being routinely harassed by officials of the government. A lecturer in Chinese history at the University of Sydney, Dr David Brophy, said he was surprised to see such a public display of dissent from the overseas students. China is monitoring such protests and posters.

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